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In this guide: Getting to Paris - Where to Stay - Getting to the Venue - Navigating the Program - OuiShare Love Party - OuiShare Open Day - Coworking in Paris

Getting to Paris

Whether you ride-share, car-share, take a train, coach or fly – there’s so many options for getting to Paris that are fest-friendly.

Ride Sharing: Bla Bla car (long distance ride-sharing); Skjutsgruppen (carpooling with friends of friends); Vadrouille covoiturage (or Mop carpooling - a free carpooling site for your long-distance travel in France and Europe, as well as regular or occasional short trips); 123 en voiture now IDVroom (dubbed everyday carpooling); and Covoiturage Libre (a donation based free ride-sharing platform).

Don’t want to be driven? Consider renting a car from a private owner on a car-sharing marketplace and driving yourself.

Drivy (“rent the car next door”) is a popular, well insured car-sharing option.

For the Fest, other carsharing companies you can check out are: OuiCar, Liftshare, Deways, Tamyca, Snappcar, Autonetzer & Minbildinbil.

You can also get to Paris by road using coach services like Megabus, Eurolines and iDBUS – all of which provide frequent services to Paris and affordable prices.

Where to Stay

We are trying to make the event accessible for everyone - sharing many options for where to stay and how to attend affordably.

Our team has pulled together a nice list of options including a fun Airbnb wishlist (and there’s also Bedycasa, Homestay, Homeaway). There are hostels to look up close to the Fest venue and a series of HomeSwap website options. Why not swap your flat in Berlin, Barcelona, or San Francisco with a Parisian at Home For Exchange, KNOK, TrocMaison, GuestToGuest or LoveHomeSwap?

At the end of the day, each of us makes Paris their own. Make the decision that works best for you, your own favorite parts of the city, and other attendees you know. There’s no excuse not to enjoy Paris now…like a local.

Getting to the venue

Here is a quick overview of your options for getting to the venue:

  1. Subway works best. Just be prepared to walk about 5-7 mins from the subway to the actual venue - which is a sort of circus tent like structure inside the park, right off the canal, next to a boat (where lunch is served at the Fest). It’s a lovely experience to walk on a nice day. A little quieter in the evening. Choose either Line 5 (and get off at Porte de Patin or at Line 7 (getting off at Porte de la Villette) and follow the map directions.

  2. If you choose to use the afforadable Paris public biking system (known as the Velibe - at 1.70 euros a ride, that’s a steal) there’s numerous drop and pick points close to both stations and also along Canal St Denis.

  3. For taxis, the team suggests you use Taxi for Two to share a ride up in the sharing spirit of the event.

  4. Buses serve the area - Porte de Pantin: bus 75 and Canal de l’Ourcq: bus 60.

Unless you are in the general area, walking all the way to the event may be harder, but it’s Paris after all. Take your time and take in the city in the Spring.

Navigating the program

This year’s Ouishare Fest is themed “After the Gold Rush.”

Topics & Program Structure

Day 1 (May 18): Systemic level

How we can reshape institutions and society?
Key topics: digital institutions and cities & decentralization and blockchain

Day 2 (May 19), Organizational Level

How we organize and create value after the gold rush?
Key topics: Building enterprises for the digital age & power and capital in the 21st century organizatoin

Day 3 (May 20), Individual level

How do we learn, create and build our identities?
Key topics: Future of Work & Education and Personal Development

Session types

This year there are 3 session types, which you can filter your program by (via the sched app):

  • Discovery Sessions: introductory content, no prior knowledge necessary
  • Advanced Session:content for experts or people with some knowledge on the topic
  • Experience Sessions: these are sessions with a-typical formats that enable you to live an experience
  • The Program in your Pocket with Sched

    To make the most out of the Fest program, register and use Sched - our event program app. This is where you will find detailed descriptions of all sessions and can filter the program by day, location, topic and session type. You do not have to download it, but can access it by simply opening the url on your phone!

    New Features you don't want to miss this year

    1. Our common room where you can self-organize spontanous sessions
    2. “The Hub” - a new space where you can connect with startups, companies as well as local and global initiatives.
    3. Meetups on specific topics during lunch
    4. Mentor sessions in the circus during lunch breaks, which you can sign up for via Sched.

    Celebrating together: OuiShare Love Party

    The party begins on Friday night but goes on until Saturday early morning. Free if you are a #OSFEST16 attendee, but otherwise 10 euros.

    Line up / Artistes
    Live Band - Electro Pop

    Live Mix - Funky, Disco House

    Live Vinyle Session - Electro House

    The party takes place at Cabaret Sauvage.

    Haven’t had enough of #OSFEST16? Join the OuiShare Open Day

    The OuiShare Fest will be open to the public on Saturday, May 21! You can join us to meet the French ecosystem and explore projects working on ecological transition, future of work, participative democracy and more.

    Coworking in Paris - Join the Fest but also get work done!

    While you’re at the Fest, you can also find great options for coworking in Paris. Visiting coworking spaces is a great way to get to know local communities, neighborhoods.

    Here’s a few of the options that our team has curated for attendees:

    1. Mutinerie is the brainchild of three brothers and a friend - Anthony, William, Eric (shown) and Xavier. It’s grown from a single space to a global vision, including a school for training solopreneurs, a “copass” to enable flexible coworking around the world, partner locations in other cities, and more to come in the way of a village concept!

    2. Volumes Coworking, near Metro Botzaris 7a line or Place des Fêtes Metro line 11, also includes a makerspace and a Foodlab and many Ouisharers working from there. I’ve not been personally but hope to visit on this trip. It’s in the 19th close to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.

    3. Numa, at 39 Rue du Caire (Metro 3, Senteir or Metro 3/4 Réaumur - Sébastopol) is in an area dubbed Silicon Sentier. (A sort of local Silicon Alley courtesy the city of Paris and sponsors like Google). I’ve visited Numa (part of a reviving neighborhood - parts are just “mildly dodgy” that was once just for the garment industry, as told by Liam of Paris tech blog @RudeBaguette. Thanks for the tips and insight, Liam!

    4. Le Tank in the 11th at 22bis Rue des Taillandiers (which is a trendy gentrifying part of the Bastille neighborhood off Richard Lenoir Blvd) is another Ouishare community partner.

    We hope coworking makes it into your Paris Ouishare adventure in some way, shape or form.

    See you soon in Paris and enjoy Ouishare Fest!